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By Justin Stakes

AGFC Locator App
AGFC Locator App
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Little Rock, AR -( Smartphones have taken the place of walkie-talkies, check stations, maps, compasses and a host of other hunting essentials in less than a decade.

Some apps, such as Google Earth, can provide location information in latitude and longitude, but can be very confusing for first-time users. AGFC Locator offers basic information with one push of a button.

Created for wildlife officers, the locator app has been very popular with hunters looking for information about zones and landowner information across the state. In addition to GPS coordinates by latitude and longitude, users can find the county, nearest city, township, range, section and parcel information for where they are standing. The AGFC also lists the hunting zone information for the location, including deer, turkey, bear, alligator and early Canada goose zones.

The app also allows you to look up this information on any property in Arkansas for which you already have GPS coordinates. This can be especially helpful in determining landowners to areas you may want to hunt.

Tracy Moy, chief of AGFC’s Geographic Information Systems Division, says the locator is just one tool that’s made possible through …Read the Rest

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