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By Ammoland

White-winged doves

Utah’s dove hunt opens Sept. 1 2018.

White-winged doves are fun to hunt and tasty on the table. Utah’s dove hunt starts Sept. 1.

Utah – -( If you find a watering hole, the chance you’ll take doves during Utah’s upcoming dove hunt should go way up this year. Blair Stringham says bone dry conditions in the state make finding a watering hole more important than ever.

Once you’ve found a watering hole—or a field doves are feeding in—Stringham, migratory game bird coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says you should wear camouflage and place dove decoys in a place where they can be easily seen.

“Hunting doves over decoys is a tactic that’s catching on in Utah,” he says. “Using decoys can be a great way to put the birds right where you want them. I’ve found good success hunting doves this way.”

Stringham says the dove hunt is a great hunt for new and young hunters. “The areas where doves live are easy to access,” he says, “and the weather on opening day is usually warm and pleasant. Make sure you bring plenty of shotgun shells.”

Stringham says the number of mourning and white-winged doves in Utah is down across much …Read the Rest

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