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By Nick Leghorn

Glock 19, c Nick Leghorn

The Truth About Guns is the world’s biggest firearms related publication. Our articles are read by roughly three million people all over the world every single month which is an astonishing and mind-boggling number. We like to think that we have a good idea of who makes up our audience and how we’re doing keeping the readership happy, but there’s noting like the smell of fresh data to better focus our editorial content and make sure that we are catering to y’all as best as possible. To that end every year we like to take a survey of our readers to find out a little more information about them. That time is now — the survey is available here — and to sweeten the pot we are giving away a brand new GLOCK 19 handgun to one lucky person who fills out the survey and provides their email address at the end. Remember: your input today helps us shape the future of TTAG! So, get to it!

[Click here to fill out the survey!]

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