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By Scott Gara

California is home to high culture and Hollywood fame and, what many may not realize, some of the best waterfowl hunting in the world. While the state has been a thorn in the side of gun owners lately — ostracizing many and forcing others out — there are still organizations that fight the good fight. California Waterfowl Association has propped up gun owners and wetland habitat alike.
The non-profit, hunter-based, conservation organization has an aggressive plan to influence both gun and hunting rights and, in turn, keeping anti-gun proponents at bay. “We do work exclusively in California to support waterfowl populations, wetlands, and hunting. We do advocacy at the state level as well on issues ranging from hunting to guns to habitat,” said Holly Heyser, CWA Director of Communications.
Heyser explained that CWA encourages hunting through youth and adult hunter education programs, which they host on their properties across the state. The crown jewel of their duck clubs, though, is located about 50 miles outside of San Francisco in Suisun Marsh at Grizzly Ranch.
Fighting for the Wetlands
Ducks make regular migratory pitstops to Suisun Marsh, the largest brackish marsh on the west coast. But, if organizations like CWA didn’t preserve it, the duck habitat would likely not


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