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By Jacki Billings

Fierce Firearms builds on its Fury platform, launching a new model — the Carbon Fury — based on the original Fury line.
The Carbon Fury boasts the Fierce C3 Carbon fiber barrel with chamberings in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 7MM Rem, .28 Nosler, .300 WIN and .300 RUM. Fierce Firearms says its barrel offers shooters “value and performance” with a 25-percent longer barrel life and reduced weight. The company said the rifle brings a consistent performance regardless of weather conditions due to its weatherproof design.
The Carbon Fury features a non-fluted control-round feed action, three position safety, speed box magazine and adjustable match-grade trigger in addition to the proprietary carbon fiber stock. The bolt-action rifle delivers a myriad of stock patterns to include black/gray, Kuiu, Kiui Verde, Kryptek Highlander and Kryptek Typhon.
The Carbon Fury in the black/gray scheme. (Photo: Fierce Firearms)
The company said the 6.6-pound rifle is an exceptional value. “The Carbon Fury is the latest addition to the Fierce family. Recommended to long-range, lightweight-minded hunters who want a guaranteed-shot performing rifle with a carbon barrel. This one won’t break the bank,” Fierce Firearms said in a news release. “The new Carbon Fury is an obvious game changer. You will not find a


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