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By Chris Eger

In a now-deleted tweet, HuffPost contributor and author Kimberly Johnson was baffled over what she encountered.
Johnson, a former soap opera actress and current author of several feminist tomes, weighed in on Twitter last week concerning the intersection of race, politics and gun rights.
“Out on the road the other day I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers,” said Johnson. “One was pro-NRA and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ This left me very confused.”

After Twitter lit up with responses, many accusing the author of being racist, the story of Johnson’s bewilderment became a talking point across conservative media sites including The Blaze and Red State then was expounded upon by The Daily Mail and Fox.
NRA News commentator Colion Noir extended an open invite to Johnson to come on his show to talk about the issue and told Fox the tweet offended him at first but then provided an opportunity to have a discussion about race and assumption.
As for Johnson, the self-avowed feminist and advocate fired back on social media saying she deleted the tweet because “I do not see the GOP working in the best interests of people


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