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By Robert Farago

The Band Crew (courtesy

“A federal grand jury indictment unsealed Tuesday alleges eight members of a northwest Detroit gang terrorized a neighborhood near Seven Mile and Southfield Freeway and were involved in attempted murders, shootings and drug deals and robbed area gas stations,” reports. “Members of the Band Crew took over parts of northwest Detroit during an alleged four-year reign of terror starting in 2011, robbing stores and homes, shooting rivals and threatening witnesses, according to the 28-page indictment.” TTAG tipster Pascal is not impressed . . .

Riddle me this . . . According to the news story, that gang ruled a large area of MoTown for over four years. What took them so long? Nothing that the Feds did at the link above involved any gun control measures. None of the gun laws stopped these guys from doing what they were doing, and it wasn’t gun laws that finally put them in jail either. So what’s the point of gun laws?

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