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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsIn his latest attempt to convince the American people that the U.S. Department of Justice actually does more than provide top cover for the Biden family, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Tuesday that 110 suspects had been arrested in a three-state operation designed to keep repeat drug and weapons violators behind bars.Whatever.If the DOJ really wanted to crack (pun intended) down on gun and drug violations, there’s two places they could raid right now — a three-bedroom, four-bath, 6,850-square foot colonial valued at $1.3 million in Greenville, Delaware or a $20,000-per-month beach rental with attached art studio in Malibu, California.Both of these structures likely have more cocaine rocks smushed in the carpet than most DEA agents have ever seen, and there’s still a Beretta 9mm lying around somewhere, right?Garland needs to stop the charade and just admit his department operates a two-tiered justice system: one tier for anyone named Biden and another for the rest of us. Every time the Attorney General tries to suggest otherwise, he insults our intelligence. Just admit the truth, Merrick. No one named Biden will ever get a matching pair of steel bracelets as long as you’ve got a federal badge in your

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