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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader Chris writes:

Today I had to ship a package via USPS for work so I headed to the nearest post office. This location has bullet proof glass at the counter…funny I thought guns couldn’t enter federally designated gun free zones. As I always do, I parked across the street, removed my concealed carry gun and stowed it in my glove box. I then got my package and proceeded into the building . . .

As I entered the counter area I noticed on the door a $50K reward for an attempted armed robbery that happened just a few weeks before at that very post office (notice the bullet-proof glass to the right). It was at that point I thought to myself jokingly “I’m glad I had to disarm myself before entering this building!”

I proceeded to the counter, but one of my packages was too large to pass through the double-sided “safety” window. The postal worker told me he would be unable to accept the package and that I would have to find a different location.

I asked him if he could open the side receiving door so I could give it to him, but he refused. He …read more

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