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By Ammoland

A behind the scenes look at the HST 380 Auto Micro ammo, in a candid Q&A session with Federal Premium Product Marketing Manager Mike Holm.

Federal Premium’s HST 380 Auto Micro Ammo

ANOKA, Minn. –-( Inspiration behind HST 380 Auto Micro Ammo.

While thoughts of defensive weapons may conjure up visions of supersized sidearms such as Dirty Harry’s iconic .44 magnum, truth be told, sub-compact pistols at the opposite end of the spectrum,(like the Glock 43) are more desired for personal protection.

Gun makers have recently made great strides in “pocket pistols” or micro guns. As a result, the latest round of these pint-sized personal bodyguards delivers impressive performance, ease of concealment, light weight and convenience.

The last point can’t be overstated because a gun routinely carried or kept close at hand is infinitely more apt to save your life than an unwieldy weapon left locked away.

In response to the growing popularity of pocket protectors by citizens of all ages and demographics—particularly among female shooters looking for a downsized yet deadly defender— Federal Premium has expanded its celebrated Personal Defense HST lineup with a new 99-grain 380 Auto Micro load tailor-made for arming compact concealed carry pistols …read more

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