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By Bob Owens


Scratch many people in the tech sector and you’ll find a totalitarian underneath. They sincerely think that technology can save the world… provided that they’re the ones controlling it, of course.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising, then, that these high tech totalitarians are conspiring with the Obama Administration to undermine the Second Amendment.

The right to bear arms is hot topic in our society; many polls show a slight majority of the American public leaning towards the Second Amendment. So, for a moment, let’s take getting rid of guns off the table and think outside the box. Let’s turn off our pro- or anti-gun sentiments and click on our tech knowledge.

One idea slowly garnishing interest and influence is GPS tracking in guns. This is not a new idea. The federal government has been experimenting with using wireless Nano and GPS technologies to track, disrupt, and even self-destruct firearms for at least two years. The project – known as micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) – utilizes Nano devices created by engineers that can affect a weapon’s operation. MEMS capabilities could be built into U.S. weapons within three to five years and the market for this technology would be around $1.1 billion dollars, …read more

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