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By Mike Ciandella

A federal court ruled on Sunday that Pennsylvanians will not be legally permitted to download plans to print guns on 3D printers.

What are the details?

On July 10, the U.S. Department of Justice reached a settlement with the Second Amendment Foundation. Under the terms of the agreement, plans for 3D gun parts can be distributed freely online, starting on Wednesday.

The SAF had filed the lawsuit on behalf of Cody Wilson, who had designed a 3D printed gun and published the plans for the gun online. In 2013, the State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance ordered Wilson and his organization, Defense Distributed, to immediately stop distributing any plans for guns or gun parts.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Gov. Tom Wolf (D), and the Pennsylvania State Police filed a lawsuit to prevent Defense Distributed from distributing plans for its 3D printed gun in that state.

In a statement, Shapiro said:

Defense Distributed was promising to distribute guns in Pennsylvania in reckless disregard of the state laws that apply to gun sales and purchases in our Commonwealth. Once these untraceable guns are on our streets and in our schools, we can never get them back. The decision tonight to block Pennsylvania users …Read the Rest

Source:: The Blaze

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