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Federal Ammunition Product Lineup
Federal Ammunition Product Lineup

USA – -( After a brief hiatus, Federal Ammunition reintroduces several centerfire rifle rounds loaded with bullets from Barnes and Nosler, plus expands options from Sierra, Berger and more.

In 1977, Federal Ammunition created its Premium line of centerfire rifle ammunition. In doing so, the company did something that was unheard of at the time.
Rather than just load its own bullets into its centerfire rifle and handgun cartridges, Federal began using the top projectiles from companies across the industry and loading them to its own extremely tight specifications. For example, Federal’s initial 1977 loads were manufactured using Nosler Partition and the Sierra boat-tail hollow point bullets.

The move produced handloader-level accuracy, performance, and quality from factory ammunition, changing the company—and the industry—forever.

Loading the Industry’s Best

The number and variety of Premium items swelled over the next four decades, but like catalogs of product offerings from any company, that number increased and decreased as the market ebbed and flowed. For example, some products from Barnes and Nosler were eventually discontinued.

Today, many products loaded with industry-partner projectiles are still active and selling strong. In fact, Federal has recently pledged to not only continue but also expand and elevate those lines …Read the Rest

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