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By Jacki Billings

The Game Shok series by Federal Ammunition will see three new 28-gauge loads. (Photo: Vista Outdoors)
Federal Ammunition continues to expand its ammo offerings, introducing a new 300 BLK loads in the Fusion MSR lineup as well as three 28-gauge options for hunters.
The Fusion MSR series now boasts the addition of a 150-grain 300 Blackout load, designed for deer hunters. The cartridges are specifically designed for hunting, offering the best performance through 16-inch barrels for AR-15 platforms. The molecularly fused bullet transfers energy on impact, offering “deadly knockdown power.” The 300 BLK boasts primer, propellant, bullet and case, all optimized for hunting on modern sporting rifles. The 300 BLK load is currently shipping to dealers with a MSRP of $25.95.
The Fusion MSR is designed specifically for the AR-15 platform. (Photo: Vista Outdoors)
The Game-Shok series also sees a boost with the addition of a trio of 28-gauge shotshell options. The Game-Shok lineup already caters to hunters who enjoy lightweight and easy-handling the 28-gauge shotgun offers. The new loads, available in 5,6 and 7.5 shot, push their 1-ounce payload of hard, uniformed lead shot at 1,220 feet per second to produce consistent patterns. On their way to dealers, the new loads retail for


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