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By Jacki Billings

The Power-Shok Copper offers a non-lead bullet encased in Federal brass. (Photo: Vista Outdoors)
Federal Premium Ammunition expands its ammunition offerings, adding 300 Win. Magnum and 300 WSM to the company’s popular Power-Shok Copper lineup.
The ammo series provides hunters the same consistency as the original Power-Shok loads but not offers a non-lead bullet. The loads’ are equipped with a hollow-point copper projectile which offers a larger wound channel. The Catalyst lead-free primer also allows for efficient and reliable ignition. The load is encased in Federal brass.
“Practical hunters trust Federal Power-Shok rifle ammunition to deliver reliable on-game performance that fills the freezer at an attractive price,” the company offered in a statement on their website.
The new 180-grain 300 Win. Short Magnum and 180-grain 300 Win Magnum rounds join the existing Power-Shok Copper product offerings of 243 Win., 270 Win, 308 Win. and 30-06 Springfield.
The 300 WSM model is priced at $45.95 while the 300 Win Mag variant comes in at just under $40. The new loads are currently being delivered to dealers, according to Federal Premium Ammunition.
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