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By Dan Zimmerman

From “The FBI says its background-check system failed, mistakenly allowing the man who allegedly opened fire inside a South Carolina church last month to purchase the gun he used in the rampage. ‘We are all sick that this has happened,’ FBI Director James Comey told a small group of reporters in Washington today. ‘We wish we could turn back time.’” Roof should have been disqualified for admitting to drug possession. We’re sure it’s very comforting to the relatives and friends of the nine Charleston churchgoers to hear that the FBI director is just sick about the NICS system’s failure. But in the annals of government efficiency, a screw-up like this is otherwise known as a Friday . . .


This is government. This is what they do. The bigger and more pervasive it becomes, the bigger and more egregious the failures. And government isn’t getting any smaller.

Ask the parents of Kate Steinle about how well government — at all levels — worked to keep her daughter safe. Ask the 21 million people whose personal data (including social security numbers) has been compromised by blindingly incompetent government systems management. …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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