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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsBy all accounts, Yunis Isaac Mejia was a good guy – certainly not the type who should be spending his next two birthdays behind bars in a federal prison.Mejia, a former police dispatcher, had never been arrested in his life, until he unknowingly invited an FBI informant to shoot steel plates on his five-acre property near St. Cloud, Florida.Several years before his arrest, Mejia, 28, worked as a 911 dispatcher for the Bonham, Texas Police Department.“He always showed up on time, had a good personality and always got along well with others,” Bonham Chief of Police Mike Bankston said Tuesday.Chief Bankston said Mejia and two coworkers were officially commended for their work during a 911 outage.“He and two other dispatchers went the extra mile for an attaboy,” Chief Bankston said. “When 911 went down, one even went to the Sheriff’s Office and helped them. Yunnis (Mejia) was a good guy with a good personality. He got along well with others and never had any complaints.”Mejia was also a licensed pilot.He dreamt of someday flying for a commercial airline. But that dream ended when an informant, whom the FBI calls a “Confidential Human Source” or CHS, came over to

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