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By Patrick Roberts

Faxon Firearms match grade threaded Glock barrel with flame fluting in the oil rubbed bronze color.

U.S.A. -( Instead of sending a few hundred rounds through the Faxon threaded Glock barrel and rubber stamping it as good to go, I have spent the last few months shooting the Faxon threaded Glock barrel on three different Glocks to get a good idea what you should expect to see when you pick one up from a fine retailer like Brownells. With Roland Special style builds and suppressors becoming more commonplace on local ranges, Faxon’s threaded Glock barrel is another barrel that the shooter has the option of fitting to their blaster.

DISCLAIMER – I will not be performing an accuracy test because the results are dependant on far more than just the barrel. Rest assured that the barrel was as accurate, if not more so than the stock barrel.

So what sets the Faxon threaded Glock barrel apart from the others on the market? Aside from some killer looks, they pour some of that hard-won Faxon engineering and machining know-how into the inside of the barrel. Faxon has been building some of the best performing barrels at the more cost-effective end …Read the Rest

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