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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Faxon Gunner Profiles Barrel 300 BLK
Faxon Gunner Profiles Barrel 300 BLK

Faxon FirearmsCINCINNATI, OH-( Faxon Firearms, incessant innovators in the firearms industry, is pleased to announce the expansion of the balanced and versatile Gunner profile to new calibers. The expansion of the Gunner profile includes 300 BLK, and 7.62×39 for the AR-15.

The Gunner profile is designed as a lightweight balanced profile for uses from plinking to competition and combat. The barrel features a near-continuous taper from the extension to the muzzle improving barrel harmonics. From the rear to the gas block, Faxon uses well respected “Government” profiles developed for duty use. From the gas block forward, the barrel’s profile is reduced to the minimum needed to retain rigidity and accuracy. The result is a balanced, highly mobile, and maneuverable barrel that is full-auto and suppressor rated.

Different from the 5.56 Gunner profile barrels, the new .300 bore offerings move to a .750” diameter gas block journal. The change is needed to feature concentric 5/8×24 threads common for the calibers. The gas block journal is 1.9” long, perfect for front sight bases, direct impingement, and piston gas blocks.

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