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By Robert Farago

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? Or did the cops get the wrong guy? “All I have to say is I’m the wrong guy,” Merritt, 21, told the judge at his arraignment. “I tried to tell the detectives that. My gun’s been in the pawn shop for the last two months. I haven’t even had access to a weapon.” Yes, well, reports . . .

Authorities got a break in the case after a 9 mm handgun was pawned, City Councilman Sal DiCiccio said. The pawn shop’s owner alerted authorities after he suspected it was the same type used in the highway shootings.

Lab results showed it was the same gun used in four I-10 shootings on August 29 and 31, said Col. Frank Milstead, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Graves said Merritt pawned the handgun, which investigators collected from the shop. The gun was fired at the state crime lab and bullets from the tests matched bullet fragments from the four freeway shootings, Graves said.

We shall see.

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