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By Brandon Curtis

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — A father and daughter had talked with a person online who was selling an iPhone. They agreed on a price and meeting place, and the deal was in full swing.

When the pair arrived at the home, they knocked on the door to no answer. As they were going back to the car, two men approached them and announced a robbery.

Facing a gun and a knife, the father and daughter agreed to hand over their valuables and money.

As the two ran away, the girl’s father pulled out his own gun and fired three rounds at them because he “was in fear for others’ lives, knowing they had a gun,” according to jail records.

The two males were not hit, but Unified police officers later found Buk and his younger cousin, both of whom matched the description the father gave officers, the police affidavit states.


Buk admitted to the robbery, talking with the victims online, and stating that he was the one holding the knife and a bb gun. Both items, he says, were thrown to the ground while they were running from police.

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