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By Nick Leghorn


Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4. Like, a lot. An unhealthy amount, even. Despite the random crashes and glitches (seriously, how do you get the mayor’s elevator back down?) it’s still a fantastic game. One of the really cool features is the ability to customize your weapons, and for those wandering in the Commonwealth as well, I want to give you one word of advice about that: don’t bite off more scope than you can chew . . .

Just about every gun in this game can be scoped, from a 44 magnum handgun to a proper sniper rifle. For some guns it makes sense to have a bit more magnification, but wanderers should be wary of throwing scopes on everything.

There are moments were a scoped weapon makes sense. When assaulting the Saugus Ironworks, I was able to whip out my suppressed .50 cal hunting rifle and pick off the Forged on the roof with ease. That’s a good use of the tech, but it can also be a bit dangerous. For example, my focus on clearing the rooftop with my scoped rifle meant that I was completely …Read the Rest

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