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By gunwriter Hunting was never intended to be fair. It occurred naturally as a means for early man to stay alive and make poop. Domestication of the human species has turned hunting into sport and with that came the notion it must be fair – fair chase. What is fair chase? It depends on whom you ask and to some extent, where they are and what they’re hunting when you ask them. For example, in some states you can use dogs to hunt deer. In some states you can bait deer. In some locations you can only use archery equipment and in others a .50 BMG is legal. Some may argue that if it is legal it is fair chase but this does not really hold water. Legal hunting methods are often influenced by management practices. Notions that something is fair chase in one place but not another seems a bit odd. Take high fenced hunting for example. In South Africa it is considered fair chase but this is often not the case in America. No matter where you hunt there will always be a fence. High or low, imagined or real; boundaries exist. If you honor the boundary a high fence …read more

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