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By Jenn Jacques

An ad created by Everytown for Gun Safety makes a lot of claims regarding Missouri’s SB 656, but how many are true?

NRA-ILA ran the video through the fact checker. Here’s what they found:

CLAIM: Carrying by dangerous people. “SB 656, a dangerous package of gun proposals that would …let some violent criminals, certain repeat drug offenders, and people with no firearms safety training carry hidden, loaded handguns in public….”

FACT: Existing Missouri law prohibits any possession of firearms by any convicted felon, anyone who is a habitual drug user, or anyone adjudged mentally incompetent (Mo. Rev. Stat. § 571.070). A violation of this law is a class C felony. Existing Missouri law already makes it a criminal offense to exhibit “any weapon readily capable of lethal use in an angry or threatening manner” (Mo. Stat. 571.030.1(4)); to handle or use a firearm while intoxicated or in a “negligent or unlawful manner” (Mo. Stat. 571.030.1(5)); and to possess a firearm while also in possession of illegal drugs (Mo. Stat. 571.030.1(11): controlled substances except 35 grams or less of marijuana or any synthetic cannabinoid). These state laws are not …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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