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By Tom Knighton

Facebook isn’t a friend of the political right, and that means it’s generally not pro-gun. Facebook has made multiple decisions in recent years that have emphasized its anti-gun stance. It hasn’t done all that much more than annoying people, mind you, but those policy changes told us that Facebook isn’t a pro-gun company.

Which makes it hilarious that the company is under fire from gun control groups over an advertiser.

Facebook has been criticised by a gun safety group for taking millions of dollars in advertising revenue to promote a legal “loophole” that allows Americans to obtain “concealed-carry” weapon permits without any physical training.

The social network’s own records show at least $3.7m (€3.3m) has been spent since May advertising the “Virginia loophole”.

David Chipman, a senior policy adviser at the Giffords Law Centre to Prevent Gun Violence, said: “A company has choices to make, to look if it’s in the interests of their company to support people carrying guns that haven’t been trained to use them.

“I would just want them [Facebook] to make that decision with eyes wide open. You don’t get that training by answering multiple-guess questions on the internet.”

Basically, it’s an app or something that asks you ten …Read the Rest

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