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By Robert Farago


“Facebook users now have the option to do what they couldn’t when the company announced it was banning the sale of guns and ammunition through the site earlier this year,” reports, “report suspected sales. “The social media giant recently rolled out a new feature [on its “report problems” widget] that allows users to flag for removal posts that appear to be ‘describing the purchase or sale of drugs, guns or regulated goods.’” Wait? Regulated goods? In modern America, what goods aren’t regulated? Anyway, that’s not the wording on the screen I found (as above). According to FORBES — who’ve been hammering this story for months — it’s too little too late . . .

The option comes more than three months after Facebook first announced the ban in January, following weeks of complaints from advocates who have taken it upon themselves to police the site by reporting instances of gun sales and groups dedicated to buying and selling guns. Previously, advocates had to report suspected sales as “harassment” or as a “credible threat of violence,” options that aren’t always clear and could make it more difficult for members of Facebook’s content review team to distinguish banned content.

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