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By Dan Zimmerman

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If Facebook didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all. Post some mildly suggestive pics of a rowing club trying to raise some cash to fight cancer? Verboten! But if your name is appropriately ethnic and you put up some genitalia pics, that’s A-OK [NSFW]. If you’re anti-semitic, or just anti-Israel, and want to spread that little bit of your viewpoint with the world, Facebook is just fine with that. But criticize an anti-Isreal post, and you get a 12-hour time out. Now it’s TTAG’s turn for an electronic rap on the knuckles for posting the above video . . .

RF put that video up this morning. It depicts a little ISIS tyke in training walking into a room and slitting the throat of a teddy bear. You know, because practice makes perfect. The only comment RF wrote to accompany this little bit of horror was “Keep your powder dry.” And for the offense of showing barbarians committing barbarous acts (however tame, in this case), we got this little love letter from Zuckerberg’s arbiters of taste:

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Source:: Truth About Guns

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