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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Lyssy & Eckel cattle feeds
Lyssy & Eckel cattle feeds

USA -( Cattle feed is about more than just the nutritional properties of the feed itself. The best feed formulas work with the digestive system to encourage maximum nutrient absorption from forage as well as the feed ingredients. Every ounce of nutrition counts.

LE Feeds offers over 18 specific feed formulas to ensure you are delivering the right nutrient load for the given need. Cubes, pellets, meal and custom formulas are designed to encourage nutrient absorption, weight gain, weight maintenance, breeding, beef production, range supplements, calf feed and mineral supplementation.

No matter the stage of lifecycle, breed or specific nutritional requirement, L&E has a feed to meet you cattle’s needs.

In the rare instance that you require a very specific feed, LE can mix and deliver a custom feed formula to ensure your cattle receive the best feed mix on the market.

Custom feed options are built on a combination of proteins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics. Building a custom formula to satisfy your cattle’s specific nutritional needs is entirely possible through LE Feeds.

Make every bite count with a Lyssy & Eckel Feeds. You can view our feed options and a gallery of healthy cattle at …Read the Rest

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