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By Brandon Curtis

Knowing who is the threat, and who isn’t, is something that isn’t always entirely clear during the heat of the moment. I can see how some of the confusion came up during this incident, but it’s still tough to excuse firing on people who you simply think were a part of the armed robbery.

Two actual armed robbers walk up to a few bikers at a gas station. Around the same time, a car pulls up to the other side of the pump. That car has 3 occupants, and none of those 3 occupants have anything to do with the robbery in progress.

Some of the good guys, who are armed, don’t know this when things go down. They fire on the actual bad guys, who end up getting away. Then, believing that the people in the car are in on it, too, fire on them as well.

Two of those people in the car were shot and killed. The third was shot in the foot and went to the good guys for help, but they thought he was a robber playing victim. He wound up getting the daylights knocked out of him by one of the armed good guys, again because of …Read the Rest

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