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By Tom Knighton

When you look at gun control in the United States and what anti-gunners are pushing for, it seems like there’s nothing on their wishlist that doesn’t already exist in Canada. Based on their current arguments and claims, Canada should be a gun-crime free Utopia.

But, it ain’t.

While Canada may have lower violent crime rates than the United States, part of that is because while Canadian culture is similar to ours in many ways, it also differs in a few key ways. They’re just not as violent as Americans, for one thing.

Despite that, Canadians believe gun crime is soaring, and something has to be done.

Gun and gang violence has been on the rise west of the city where cops recently seized eight firearms in 11 days.

But Peel Regional Police say most gun crimes committed in their region “involve guns that were illegally obtained and possessed.”

So unlike Toronto, which has seen an explosion of bullets flying in recent years, there has been no talk of banning those who are licensed from owning legal handguns.

Instead, police blame regulations that interfere with street checks that once allowed them to curtail a certain amount of violence. After all, they could stop and talk …Read the Rest

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