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By Scott Gara stopped by the Rock Island Auction Company last week to check out their premiere firearms auction of the year. We asked Joel Kolander, the Interactive Production Manager, to go through a handful of his favorite guns that came into the auction this time around. He immdiatly lead us to a Garand as one of his favorite guns. “We do have in this auction M1 Garand serial number 1,000,000 which is getting all the attention,” Kolander said, “but this is on the other end of Garand’s career.”
It’s estimated that only 25 of these commonly referred to “Type 2” Garand models were ever manufactured before the Ordinance Dept. changed the type of powder they were testing, forcing John Garand to scrap the design of the rifle with only limited quantities manufactured. “Where are you going to find another Model 1924? The correct answer is the Springfield Armory Museum,” said Kolander. It’s one of the reasons Kolander called this gun a steal at the estimated value of $50,000 – $75,000.
Perhaps equally, if not more, fascinating than the gun itself is everything else that comes along with it. With this Garand the lucky buyer also got the specialty tool that John Garand developed


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