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By CN Staff

By John Boch via TTAG

Times have changed, with politics playing an ever-greater role in our lives. And in today’s world, some prosecutors seem more inclined to pursue charges in self-defense shootings. This goes double where violent aggressors lack a firearm, no matter the other factors.

Skip Gochenour talked of this at length in his seminar at the Rangemaster Tactical Training Conference this spring. Gochenour knows his subject. He has consulted in hundreds of criminal and civil cases in the United States involving guns and self-defense.

In a nutshell, he told us to expect today’s prosecutors to pursue charges more often in self-defense cases. What’s more, he warned that prosecutors will almost always take a case involving an “unarmed” attacker to a jury. Think the George Zimmerman case. Potentially with you in the role of Mr. Zimmerman.

At the same time, prosecutors can use these cases to shamelessly pander to their constituency. “Ladies and gentleman, I tried to put that trigger-happy, gun-toting NRA member in prison where he belonged, but the jury acquitted him.” And please vote for me.

While these face-saving prosecutions might not happen in a lot of parts of Texas, most of us don’t …Read the Rest

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