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By Salvatore

As a perpetual advocate for being armed and trained I try to practice what I preach. I always encourage all who are interested in their own self-defense to work to expand their game. What do I mean by this? I find that even among our community of people who take self-defense and being armed seriously most of us tend to be somewhat myopic in our approach. I am a firearms instructor myself. My expertise within the broad world of self-defense is as a handgunner. However, I work to have at least a functional capability in the other essential skills of personal protection such as basic medical, fitness level, less-lethal and alternate weaponry, and, of course, unarmed skills. Following is a personal example of how I have recently taken steps to remedy a hole in my own defensive skill set. We all have holes in our game and there are a lot of great resources available for plugging these holes. Here, I am going to introduce you to one of the best resources available in the training community: Greg Ellifritz.

I was familiar with the name before but I have only followed his blog in the past year or so. I wish …Read the Rest

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