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By Ammoland

Barack Obama

By Chris W. Cox

Barack Obama
NRA-ILA's Chris W. Cox
NRA-ILA’s Chris W. Cox

Washington, DC – -( A jarring paradox exists in our nation’s politics.

While the American people and Congress are showing steadfast commitment to the Second Amendment, President Barack Obama is determined to shove gun control down America’s throat by any means necessary.

Obama has fully abandoned the pretense that he cares about unifying the nation around shared values and goals. Instead, he is pursuing a nakedly ideological agenda. He claims to be acting in the interest of public safety, but by the most reliable measures we have, the American public is already as safe from violent crime as it’s ever been.

Obama has nevertheless ordered his legion of government attorneys to “scrub the law” and find opportunities for him to crack down on gun ownership. He can’t pretend his policies are prudent, thoughtful responses to pressing issues when he can’t even articulate what they are before the fact, when they arise only from his orders to subordinates to find him whatever levers he can pull.

As I described earlier, polls from late 2015 showed soaring support for Second …Read the Rest

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