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By Dennis Adler

After Springfield Armory unveiled the XD Mod.2 earlier this year, the latest 9mm Mod.2 variant from the company takes things a little further—about 1 inch further. That’s right, the new XD Mod.2 4” Service Model offers a 4-inch barrel, making it ready for duty, competition or even concealed carry.

The new XD Mod.2 4” Service Model is a combination of features from Springfield’s XD Sub-Compact and XD-S models. In outward appearance, the Mod.2 series sports a recontoured polymer frame and a slide interface that gives the guns a clean, integrated look. One other advantage to the Mod.2 series is that it retains the original cycled action indicator (actually the back of the striker), which slightly protrudes from the rear of the slide. This feature makes it very easy to tell if the action is cycled and ready to fire.

At the heart of every Mod.2 is Springfield Armory’s new multi-surface Grip Zone texturing. The Grip Zone has its most aggressive texturing around the three-quarter panel where the palm swell and the first joint of the fingers wrap around the grip. The front and rear surfaces are the second most aggressively …read more

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