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By Tactical-Life

Finding the right balance of what you need versus what just gets in the way can make all the difference as you prepare your range gear for a training session.

In this video, retired Delta Force operator and elite tactical trainer Pat McNamara breaks down his less-is-more approach to preparing your range bag to set you up for success. To get the most out of your training and keep you organized on the go, McNamara recommends a few different styles of targets along with some essential maintenance gear.

For targets, McNamara recommends either IPSC style or B-8 bullseye targets. He also notes that paper targets should be stapled on (hence your need for a staple gun) as this will produce cleaner holes and help extend the life of the target. For paper-target repairs, McNamara is emphatic in his recommendation for the use of paper tape over “pasties,” as it provides a cleaner target for later use and doesn’t contribute to litter on the training course.

Another important item that McNamara explains is different lenses for your shooting glasses. Since the weather can change at any minute, you need more than just one color to accommodate …Read the Rest

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