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By Robert A. Sadowski

DRD Tactical is known for producing some of the best takedown rifles for “clandestine missions.” According to the company, “DRD Tactical specializes in patented quick-takedown rifles that are designed for compact portability and discreet carry— providing you the power you need without the need for traditional long gun cases.”

The gun that started it all was the Paratus, a unique takedown rifle that easily broke down into two pieces—the upper/lower receivers as one unit, and the barrel assembly/handguard as another. After proving the Paratus’ capabilities in harsh extremes—and consistency thanks to a snug barrel-to-receiver fit—the company has expanded its lineup to include several new models, including the CDR-15 series.

The CDR-15 looks more like a traditional AR-15-style rifle but still breaks down in a fashion similar to the Paratus. For this rifle, 5.56mm NATO and 300 Blackout barrel assemblies are available, making it easy to switch between chamberings. I recently got my hands on a sample CDR-15 with both barrel assemblies as well as a VooDoo Tactical discreet carry backpack. DRD Tactical also offers other cases, including hard cases from Plano.

Weighing 6.9 pounds unloaded, the CDR-15 features upper and lower receivers machined …read more

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