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By Tactical-Life

An officer with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Gainesville, Florida has written a white paper delving into the subject of firearms training and noise-induced hearing loss for LEOs. Its contents are fascinating, to say the least.

Here’s how this white paper came about. The author, Officer Ryan Lee Scott, spent years as a law enforcement firearms instructor — all while wearing standard passive earmuffs — and began to question if he had enough hearing protection.

Scott writes:

After a few years of teaching at the local police academy and interacting with countless law enforcement officers and firearms instructors, many of whom had significantly more years of firearms experience than I had, I noticed almost all of them had significant hearing loss and were wearing hearing aids. After some discussions of what noises they had been exposing themselves to, and what hearing protection devices they were using, it became apparent to me that there was a deficiency in the amount of protection they were successfully achieving.

As a result, Scott began conducting audiology research with The University of Florida’s Audiology Department, specifically in the areas of firearms sound pressure levels, …Read the Rest

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