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By James England

QUEENS, NEW YORK — Patrons picked the right pub to pop in for a brew. When an armed robber ran in at closing time, approximately 3:53 a.m., and began robbing the place, an ex-NYPD cop pulled out his legally owned handgun and shot the robber in the head. Police arrived to find the 30-year-old robber dead.

The pub appears to be frequented by a lot of retirees, so their opinion about firearms and self-defense may be a little different from some chic upscale joint in Manhattan. But, then again, maybe that armed robber should have done his homework prior to trying to sack the joint.

“Guy shouldn’t have been robbing the store. I’m sorry but the guy shouldn’t have been robbing the store. The cop shot the guy trying to rob the store. Well, unfortunately that’s what it came to,” said one bystander to NY 1 Time Warner News.

According to NY 1 News, the man who shot the robber had been retired from the New York City Police Department for going on 40 years. That former police officer had been retired for more years than the robber had been alive.

Police have not made any arrests in connection with the shooting …Read the Rest

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