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By Dan Zimmerman


You may remember Evolve from their, well, creative approach to gun safety advocacy. (See their unconventional takes here, here, and here.) It’s been something of a mixed bag and not everyone has been on board with their strategy. But what differentiates Evolve with, say, the screaching harpies who populate Moms Demand Action is the fact that one of Evolve’s goals is to actually teach gun safety. Toward that end, they held their inaugural Safety Sunday event at a range in Evansville, Indiana on Sunday. Here’s the press release . . .

Over 300 tri-staters took part in the first annual Safety Sunday event at Uncle Rudy’s on Evansville’s eastside. This free event open to the public, was filled with safety demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, resources, fun challenges and more.

“I’ve never shot a handgun, and today seemed like the right time to learn how to handle and fire a gun. I learned even more than I expected. I had no idea what I was doing, but the team really kept it simple for me and taught me the basics. I had a great instructor helping me one-on-one,” said Karen Johnson.

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Source:: Truth About Guns

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