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By Mark Walters

Lessons from UNarmed America


Evil Exists, Denying It May Get You Killed


Lessons from UNarmed America

You may or may not have heard the January 7th, 2018 Armed American Radio broadcast where I used my opening segment to candidly discuss the fact that evil, in the form of breast cancer, has chosen to visit my home.

As I asked my listeners last week on air, I’ll ask you on this page–what does this have to do with guns? Nothing, but it has everything, and I mean everything, to do with mindset, which in turn is a crucial component of successful self-defense from any attacker.

I believe that successful self-defense begins with accepting the fact that bad things do happen and that bad things can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime–including me…and you. I once wrote a column, (and it’s a chapter in my book, Lessons From Unarmed America, with Rob Pincus) titled, In the Blink of an Eye. That’s how fast it happens when you’re the chosen victim. I know this from many years of talking to people who have survived deadly encounters, including myself over 15 years ago. We never get the luxury of knowing it’s approaching thus requiring us to act …Read the Rest

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