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By Chris Eger

An x-ray of the (mostly) plastic Liberator .380 ACP pistol which sparked the 3-D printed gun debate in 2013. (Photo: DefDist)
With downloadable gun plans grabbing national headlines, Democrats and gun control groups are pushing for more regulation — which is a sure sign that they don’t understand 2018.
On Capitol Hill, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, last weekend blasted a pending move by President Trump’s State Department to greenlight a Texas-based pro-gun group’s ability to post plans online for “non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber,” such as the popular AR-15 and other semi-autos.
“Why in God’s name is this administration allowing this to happen when it never was allowed before?” said Schumer. “We’re asking them to immediately rescind such action, and if they don’t, we will try to pass legislation preventing that. It makes no sense.”
Schumer’s rhetoric was prefaced last week by a New York Times editorial by former U.S. Rep. David Israel who held more regulation was needed to prevent the criminal underworld from easily printing “undetectable” plastic guns using an “inexpensive printer purchased online or at the neighborhood office supply store and a downloadable file.”
However, Israel concedes in his piece that the current regulations on such guns still stand regardless


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