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By Gregory Smith

Everytown for Gun Safety loves creating propaganda for their anti-gun initiatives.

Everytown For Gun Safety wanted to prove that people who couldn’t pass a criminal background check required for gun purchases from licensed dealers were skirting the regulation by buying guns online. So in September, the group began placing phony ads for firearms, most of them on the popular

This week, Everytown released its report on the 36-day experiment, which includes heavily redacted police reports about the shooting suspect and others who wanted to buy guns the group had advertised

o While Everytown could find no criminal records for more than 90 percent of the 209 New Mexicans who responded to its gun ads, 14 of the prospective buyers — 6.7 percent of the total — had criminal histories that likely would have been uncovered by a background check and would disqualify them from purchasing a firearm. Charges against them included child abuse, domestic violence, heroin distribution and attempted kidnapping.

If gun sales on Armslist are anonymous, how was EFGS able to search for criminal records? When I hire people on Thumbtak, they don’t tell me everything, and I pay them in cash.

So what is EFGS doing? Are they …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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