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By Robert Farago

(courtesy CSGV Facebook page)

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic bully boys are at it again. Unable to assemble more than a few dozen supporters in the real world, they continue to rely on their bloody shirt-waving social media anti-gun jihad to maintain the illusion that they’re a meaningful movement. The latest gimmick: a #whateverittakes hashtag campaign complete with TTAG-like “I Am a Gun Owner” selfies. Which just BEGS for a counter-campaign. Want to have some fun and win some Winchester Train & Defend .45 caliber ammo? Click here to print out the above sign, fill it in with your choice of recipients and your feelings on guns or gun control and send it to us at . . .

[email protected] with FEELINGS (all caps) in the subject bar. We’ll upload them to a gallery on TTAG’s Facebook page – with the appropriate hashtag of course – and post the best ones here. No obscenity. Other than that, gopher it! Because #mygunsmatter. Yeah, we’ll do that one next! Meanwhile, stand by for a rant on the only-slightly-hidden meaning of Everytown’s Internet exhortation. [Post on the lack of morality revealed by this campaign at 10:30am CMT]

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