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By Dan Zimmerman


Aaron is an “owner operator” which we take to mean truck driver. Which makes the shoulder holster all the more practical for behind-the-wheel easy access. And who doesn’t love a Smith & Wesson 686? See the rundown of the rest of his Everyday Carry gear below . . .

  1. Buck 110
  2. Streamlight 65006 Stylus
  3. Lionsteel T.R.E.
  4. Ted Blocker L.F.I. shoulder holster rig
  5. Speed beez speed loader 357 mag
  6. Speed beez speed loader cci bird shot
  7. Ohto jazz fountain pen
  8. Smith and Wesson 5″ 686 plus
  9. 7 rounds federal ny-clad .38 special ammo
  10. Seiko 5 SNKK27
  11. Leatherman Tread
  12. Birth year proofs

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