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By Tim Potter

Q Mini Fix

U.S.A.-( SHOT show 2020 was full of amazing firearms, accessories, and memories. However, two firearms really caught my eye as the most interesting of the 2020 show. One of those is the Q Mini Fix. While this firearm was announced some time ago, it will just be made available this year, hopefully very soon. Although Q actually didn’t have an official booth at the show, at booths like SB tactical, Eotech, and Scalar Works Q’s guns were prevalent and catching everyone’s eye. It was commonplace to be walking by these booths and see people picking up Q guns for the first time in pure amazement; over the build quality and how shockingly light they are.

Q Mini Fix

If you went by the SB Tactical booth at the right time you would have seen me there in complete awe, and drooling all over, the Q Mini Fix. While I have some experience with the full size, because I got to review one awhile back, this was my first time getting to actually see and hold …Read the Rest

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