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By Ammoland

David Limbaugh

By David Limbaugh
Religion and Guns

David Limbaugh

USA – -( I realize that as an evangelical Christian I have a dog in this fight, but I want to say a few words about evangelicals and the unfortunate effort afoot to make them the political boogeyman.

There are so many misconceptions about “evangelicals” — from the definition of the word to the intentions of the people themselves — but the most damaging myth is that we evangelicals seek a theocracy for the United States of America, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ll get back to that, but first a little background.

Recently I’ve had several people ask me what the deal is with Ted Cruz and “the evangelicals.” The people inquiring are Christians, some even evangelicals. They ask, “What exactly is an evangelical, anyway?”

In our culture, the term is used rather loosely — and, more often than I’d like, pejoratively. I’m seeing columns, blog posts and tweets galore suggesting in hushed terms that Ted Cruz adheres to some fringe philosophy that Christians must take over the world. It’s not enough to accuse them of advocating a theocracy limited merely to the United States. No, world domination is their …Read the Rest

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