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By Tom Knighton

Technology does a lot of wonderful things for us as a society. After all, thanks to the internet, people can connect to folks all across the nation. I’ve managed to reconnect with a couple of old Navy buddies, for example. Hell, I make my living on the internet, which is something that wasn’t even an option when I graduated high school way back when.

But technology doesn’t solve everything. It can’t.

Yet that doesn’t stop some from thinking it will. That’s especially true about European tech writers who don’t understand guns, gun rights, or anything else.

In almost 90 percent of the cases, medical, school or legal authorities didn’t note any sign of mental issues in the attacker before the mass murder. Needless to say, in states where no background checks are required, the chance of a mass killing occurring is significantly higher. And even where some form of control is in place, over 60 percent of the alleged nut cases were still able to possess a gun regardless of their prior felonies or crazy behaviors. According to the FBI, at least 3,000 people officially pass the NICS background check required to receive the license to carry a gun <a target="_blank" …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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