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By Josh Wayner

ESEE PR4 Black Oxide Camping Knife
ESEE PR4 Black Oxide Camping Knife

Grand Rapids, MI USA -( I’m not very much of a knife person when it comes right down to it. I usually have one with me, but I put about as much emphasis on it as I do the gas station sunglasses I buy when I inevitably lose or crush my existing set. Knives come and go with me and are usually lost when I set them somewhere and forget about them when I’m working on something. Enter the ESEE PR4, a knife that I’ve paid very, very special attention to.

I know that there are a good number of knife guys out there. I’ve trained with them, talked with them, and tried earnestly to understand the fascination, but I never really got past the idea of knives as common, everyday tools. Yes, I know that guns don’t always go bang, but they usually do. You’re reading the words of a gun guy here, not a true knife guy, so keep that in mind. Virtually all the knife reviews I do, including this one, will be told from an outsider’s point of view. I am not in any way an expert or have …Read the Rest

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