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By Don Summers

Erma ET-22s are a great gun to own for Luger enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a classic .22 rimfire pistols. This gun could easily be a family heirloom or a collectible that could sit on the shelf due to the company’s limited release of the pistol. The pistol was only produced from 1967 to 1969 making it scarce to find and highly collectible. This collectible gun isn’t just a looker, soo we took it out to the range and put it through its paces.
It ate through all the Aguila .22 Super Extra we could feed it and was an enjoyable shooting experience. It’s a testament to the great design of gun paired with great ammo. The trigger has a quick uptake and a nice clean break. The action was buttery smooth making the shooting and loading that much more enjoyable. The ergonomic grip paired with the forend can make this an extremely accurate gun for any shooter familiar with a blade sight.
This Erma ET-22 is the perfect companion for any collector who is in need to a small varmint gun that could also be displayed proudly on the wall. For the full history on the Erma Navy ET-22 check out


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